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Friday, 14th December 2018

THE WEEKLY CONTINENTAL: Elections and Resignations?

Posted on 03. Mar, 2013 by and in Series


One would think Barack Obama has no further political ambitions, after winning his 2nd Presidential Term. That is not the case however, as Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half-brother from Kenya, is running for governor of Siaya next Monday. Being related to the President of the United States, he also has summoned Barack Obama’s campaign for elections, and is calling for change in Kenya through poverty eradication, infrastructure development and industrialization. Competing as an independent candidate, in face of wealthy parties, Malik’s campaign might be short of funds, yet his one fortune is like no other – his blood relation with the US president might be just what is needed to earn him a place in the new state office.

The last time elections took place in Kenya was in 2007, and it blew up into a tribal massacre, the victims of which amounted to over 1,000. This time, however, things are looking to be different with the new constitution, and a supposedly stronger electoral commission.


Not entirely similar to the Arab uprisings, yet close enough to draw the links, Bangladesh hasDhaka, Bangladesh: Protesters shout slogans after burning a mock coffin recently drawn in significant attention over the trial which sentenced an Islamist politician to death for committing war crimes during the 1971 Bangladeshi war of independence from Pakistan.

Dated nearly four decades ago, the sentence is way overdue for a long-standing crime. The verdict has sparked mass anger, with people protesting to demonstrate their disapproval of executing Islamists for war crimes. More than 40 people died in aggressive clashes between the police and protesters, despite some citizens celebrating what they perceived to be a fair sentence.  Déjà-vu, anyone?

Rumor has it that the Bahraini Minister of Industry and Commerce has banned importing the all-so-famous V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes masks, so that importing these masks becomes a crime for which one could get imprisoned. The Guy Fawkes masks in Bahrain, like the Black Block attire in Egypt, has been used by protesters to maintain anonymity, thus the ban on imports came as a futile attempt to put down the protests calling for democracy.

Surprisingly, Bahrain isn’t the first country to ban these masks; UAE beat Bahrain to it last November, when the government authorities issued a decree to prohibit wearing these masks, for claiming that this mask is a symbol for insulting the country and stirring up disorder.


Berlusconi casting ballotGoing to the land of the ancient descendants of Roman gods (yes, Italy), the world was left with a gaping stare and a wide open jaw at the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. Evidently, such an incident has not taken place in a very long time, in fact, not in the last 660 years.

The luck of the Italians does not seem to be picking up yet. After a parliamentary election deadlock, deemed by news agencies“Shocking” and Nightmarish, the Eurozone is left pondering whether indeed Italy is a state that is simply ungovernable. The results brought famous satirist Beppe Grillo’s party to power with quarter of the votes and carried back Berlusconi, the man often held responsible for Italy’s economic limbo, into the political playfield once more.

All we can deduce from this is that Egypt is not exactly alone in the “electoral bad luck” department.

Bad news seem to be on a roll for the northern continent, because with an 11.9% unemployment rate, it seems the Eurozone is continuing its steady downfall into an economic rut.

On a more diplomatic note , Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, emerged to brand Zionism as a “crime against humanity”, a statement that was severely condemned by the United States, Israel and  the United Nations.

North America

The great discovery of Christopher Columbus of the American Lands was surely nothing short of a geographical mystery. After all, who would have known that more than five centuries later these very lands would swallow a man and his bedroom in Florida?

On the 1st of March 2013 a sinkhole has allegedly opened and swallowed the screaming 36 year old Jeffery Bush, an innocent citizen of Tampa, Florida, who disappeared into the 6m deep sinkhole.

All that officials had as evidence of the incident, was a piece of the swallowed mattress sticking out of a hole in the floor. Jeffery’s whereabouts remain unknown.

In the cyber world, Christopher’s land seemed to be wreaking havoc as well. The Chinese Ministry of Defense claims that hackers from the United States have been repeatedly launching attacks on its website, an issue that caused strong tension between both nations.

The Chinese claims have been in response to the United States’ allegations that the Chinese themselves have been carrying out cyber attacks on U.S websites.

Latin America

Hugo ChavezVenezuela is in a state of sadness over the deteriorating health of its ruler Hugo Chavez. Chavez’s deputy, Nicolas Maduro, was reported on Venezuelan TV saying:

Our commander is sick because he gave his life for those who don’t have anything”

The Venezuelan leader has been in power for the last 14 years, and seems to be battling death at the moment. It is believed that he is suffering from cancer, though the nature of his illness has not been officially disclosed.

In Haiti, former president “Baby Doc” Duvalier is currently being tried to see if he can be charged with crimes against humanity committed during his time as President. The exiled President has reportedly come back to Haiti after 25 years spent in France.

In this spirit of humanity and justice, Argentina has recently passed an agreement with Iran allowing it to set up an “International Truth Commission” to dig deep into the 1994 bombing of a Jewish centre in the Country’s capital. Ever since the mishap in Buenos Aires, the people of Argentina made their accusations of Iran’s affiliation in the crime public.

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