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Tuesday, 20th November 2018

Eagles Win First American Football Match of EGFA Opening Tournament

Posted on 10. Dec, 2012 by in News, Reviews, Sport

The GUC hosted the first match of the opening tournament for the Egyptian Gridiron Football Association (EGFA) between GUC Eagles and Maadi Hurricanes yesterday, 8th of December, with a final score of 14-0 for Eagles.

“I’m proud of our offensive lineup, I’m proud of our defensive lineup, they had us at the 1 yard line 8 times and they couldn’t score!” said Coach Tate, Eagle’s head coach.

The second game will be held on Tuesday, 11th December, with Hurricanes playing against 6th of October team, Rhinos. The third one brings Eagles vs Rhinos on Sunday, 16th of December. Both games will be played at the GUC.

Match Report:

The match kicked off with GUC eagles keeping pressure. Hurricane’s receiver made an attempt that was tackled by Mohie, player #13, leaving the ball with Abou Reida, player #89, for a 20-yard run with a touchdown at minute 11 setting the score to 6-0. “Lala”, player #33, then converted the extra pass bringing the score to 7-0.

Eagle’s defensive lineup then went in and kept pressure until 20 minutes later when player #70, [Eagle’s lineman] Z.Emad, tackled and gained position. The ball fell with Omar Ebeid, player #88, who took off with a run gaining 30 yards and pushing defenders off and another touchdown at minute 32.

The first half came to an end after player #12, Andrew Garbra, received the ball, passing it on to “Lala” who then converted the extra point yet again bringing the score to 14-0.

As for the 2nd half, however, Maadi Hurricanes brought  in a different look. A 40-yard pass was caught by their wide receiver, giving them a big push. Hurricanes kept on pressure until they bring Eagles to the 1 yard line [1 yard away from scoring], only to be held back by the Eagle’s defensive line up.

The scene alternated between Hurricanes attacking and Eagles defending until the 2nd half came to an end, with Eagles’ first win of the tournament underway.

Reported by: Ahmed Zakaria


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