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Friday, 14th December 2018
Poetry Showcase: Less Than A Man

Posted on 17. Apr, 2013 by in Poetry

“Less Than A Man”, by Rana Fetit   A body, Beautiful in its creation; In its decency and elegance, so pretty. For a man, no, less than a man. Too weak to hold his temptation, In disgust, so witty, An untamed desire, mislabeled salvation.   Spare her the look, The disgrace, The illegitimate touch you […]


Posted on 17. Mar, 2013 by in Poetry

Streets, by Rana Fetit Midst the streets I walk, These pavements, I hear them talk. Of genuine stories, These alleys once behold. Of people, of lives, Forgotten, and never told. Street lamps in a faint demure, Shine on protagonists; Poor, yet so pure. A mesmerizing sight, So bright, A beautiful mess, Synchronized; gripped so tight. […]


Posted on 03. Mar, 2013 by in Poetry

Shout, by Engi Hassaan Truth hidden in between the lines, So foggy amidst the endless lies. Vultures circling for a prey, Perfected roles in a stalling play. They’re just boys in big men’s chairs, Killing over what isn’t theirs’. To them we’re toys wrapped in a box, Their conscience dies when power talks. But personal […]

قصيدة فاضل خانة

Posted on 18. Nov, 2012 by in Poetry

من كام يوم وأنا راجع بيتنا كان فيه كمين ولأجل حظي محفظتي نسيتها مش فاكر مع مين وقفني ظابط علي كتفه نسر ونجمتين ولسه بقوله .. يا قاللي بطاقتك فين بصراحة في البيت سايبها بس أنا حافظها بأرقامها وعارف كل تفاصيلها بصلي من فوق لتحت شكلك مش مجرم تدي علي ابن ناس هسألك وتجاوبني مليني […]