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Monday, 10th December 2018

Poetry Showcase: Less Than A Man

Posted on 17. Apr, 2013 by in Poetry

“Less Than A Man”, by Rana Fetit


A body,

Beautiful in its creation;

In its decency and elegance, so pretty.

For a man, no, less than a man.

Too weak to hold his temptation,

In disgust, so witty,

An untamed desire, mislabeled salvation.


Spare her the look,

The disgrace,

The illegitimate touch you just took,

The shame she shouldn’t face.

Your gender doesn’t let you off the hook.


If you were a man for what man really is,


Her dignity isn’t to be toyed with.

Respect, she demands.

She’s a sister, a mother,

More than a body, you smother.

Under the excuse:

She doesn’t cover!


Speak, for it’s not your fault.

Weren’t you told,

With every scar,

How precious you are?


For a being,

A so called man

No, less than a man.

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