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Friday, 14th December 2018

The Musical Magical World

Posted on 08. Apr, 2015 by in Opinion

Photo by : Ahmed Samir

Photo by : Ahmed Samir

Over the past two years and after every stressful period, I find myself escaping the hectic and messy GUC life through music, and who is better to help heal and soothe the soul than the “Music Ensemble”. Every time I attend a concert, Operetta or even a classical salon, they always tend to be up to my expectations. This time was no different, as a matter of the fact , they raised the bar and achieved mastery in the art of music.

The magical night, that I was eagerly and impatiently waiting for, started off with the closing concert of the “Master Class” participants  who have been coached by Professor Karl Kronthaler all throughout the previous week (26 March-1 April). Their practice paid off as soon as they went on stage. Everyone around me had their jaws dropped open every time a singer opened his/her mouth to sing, as they captivated our hearts  with their splendiferous voices that went in harmony along with Professor Karl Kronthaler, who beautifully played the piano all night long. Of course, there weren’t only singers but also a pianist who played Beethoven’s piece “Pathetique” stunningly. My eyes were fixed on how fast yet smooth his fingers moved on the piano keys to produce an outstanding tone.

After that a 5 minutes break was taken to set up the stage for the phenomenal Cantata everyone was waiting for “Carmina Burana”. The glorious combination of the vocal choir along with the orchestra in the beginning managed to pin the audience down at the edge of their chairs as attentive as possible. It’s amazing how each voice was distinctive but the outcome still sounded like one unified voice. They sang powerfully yet sweetly like nightingales that even though I didn’t understand the words that were coming out of their mouths, their sound spoke to my inner workings and I felt like it penetrated each and every inch of my soul leaving me breathless. For the first time ever, I didn’t close my eyes to set the scene, I didn’t even want to blink because I didn’t want to miss a second.  Their heavenly voices took me to the most beautiful place on the 7th cloud as they continued to sing at the top of their lungs. They didn’t need professional lightings or a larger stage to aid their performance; they aced it right away with their vocals and facial expressions that said it all. The accuracy of their performance was undeniable to the extent that even flipping the page of the whole choir happened in less than a second and all together.

The soloists had mighty and noticeable stands as they gave pleasure and satisfaction to their listeners. My ultimate personal favorite, who also happens to be the choir and solos coach and the GUC Music Academy manager , was Ohoude Khadr. This was my first time to actually hear her sing and she was flawless as she hit every single pitch regardless of how high or low it was.

Of course by the end of the night, like always, I go back to reality but this time, with unconditional relaxation and overwhelming happiness accompanied by the fact that I was speechless. But that’s okay, because like Heinrich Heine said, “Where words leave off, music begins.”

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