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Friday, 14th December 2018

Less Than A Year in Engineering

Posted on 03. Mar, 2015 by and in Opinion

11023122_662242763880104_1460305218_nThere is always that exhilarating yet anxious feeling about starting a new stage in your life which corresponds to ambiguity and uncertainty regarding the future. With the many talks that you hear daily from those who have gone through this stage before, you feel somehow a little bit confident; at least there are some things that you expect and look out for. However, you are quickly astonished with what you see and experience. Myself, an Engineering student for less than two semesters now, know a few things about this.

The Hard Work of Engineers is Not a Myth
One thing I learned about the Faculty of Engineering is that the myth about the tedious quizzes and ridiculous amount of work is true.  For the first two weeks I was starting to believe that it was just another one of those Arab exaggerations and was starting to feel relieved, until days came when we were free in the morning but had three quizzes by the end of the day. You can imagine my shock. With my kind of luck this turned out to be one of the most truthful Arab exaggerations ever! P.S. Older students say the worst is yet to come.

“Fati..” “Fati” and More “Fati”!
Something else I became sure of is that “Fati” is an essential part of the Egyptian personality that, if treated, can cause a serious damage to the core of this unique persona. Indeed, the amount of untrue and misleading information you get from older students about the university and the faculties of Engineering in general is astonishing! I was greatly grateful for the advice we were given on our orientation day: “Don’t ever ask for directions from older students!” This could extend to include information about faculties as well!

Don’t Judge a Student by His/Her Certificate
Your high school certificate does not reflect your intelligence. I confirmed that fact once I interacted with fellow students. Therefore, if you took IG O levels (like myself) and consider yourself more intelligent, then you are in for a bitter truth.  Fortunately for me, this particular myth turned out to be completely untrue.

“Time is money” and “Don’t Judge a book by its cover”..These proverbs are actually true!
I know how we hear these proverbs throughout our lives and just take them as some kind of lifeless echos, but you will come to realize how true they are once you get immersed in university life in general and Engineering in particular. You will soon come to regret the few hours you sat doing nothing but surfing the internet aimlessly. The “Don’t Judge a book by its cover” proverb is undeniably true when it comes to meeting new people.

So as you can see, you probably guessed most of these points from the title. If you are an Engineering student, then you can relate, or perhaps think of more lessons you learned so far yourself. If you intend to study Engineering, then you probably think this is some kind of exaggeration intended to frustrate you, but rest assured, we’ve all been there.


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