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Friday, 14th December 2018

Just for a night!

Posted on 16. May, 2014 by in Opinion

Photo for The Insider : Luai Samir

Photo for The Insider : Luai Samir


Have you heard of the GUC? Well, let me tell you something you probably haven’t seen unless you are a student in it; in every corner, every morning, students walk in like dead zombies, so pale, lifeless, hating their life, their faculty, but most importantly their college. On normal days, we are lazy; we don’t have time to breathe or hang out in college with our buddies even for a while or a gap because it’s wasted on projects, extra tutorial/lecture time or to go from the Cs to the Bs. So yes, it’s a lame boring place on the outside, in better words: it’s all black. Until the night with a full moon in the middle of the sky!

A sound from the platform comes crashing through the wind head towards us. It goes into our ears and with our breaths, through our arteries, flowing with the blood directly to our heart that pumps it into every single inch in our bodies. BOOM: we have come back to life. It doesn’t matter which major we are in, what our political views are, what path we are leading: we have all come in bright colors and with an undeniable aura.

A myth says: everything crazy happens when there’s a full moon because your energy and powers are much stronger. I guess I didn’t believe it until I was standing in a jumping crowd that spoke only two languages: music and dancing. It didn’t matter how hot it was, or how sweaty people were, we were there to be resurrected from our routine. The music language was expressed through our dance moves; we had to get the stress out of our systems. I personally haven’t heard anything more beautiful than the sound of each and every single attendee singing at the top of their lungs when the band ‘Masar Egbary’ played, which motivated me to find a way and memorize the lyrics fast to be able to sing along to.

To wrap this up: There’s nothing worth the stress so ‘Don’t you worry, child’ because ‘C’est La Vie’ and after all ‘we work hard, play hard’ therefore ‘rock and roll, everybody just lose control.’



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