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Monday, 10th December 2018

Archery Classes To Start At The GUC

Posted on 26. Sep, 2015 by in News


An email sent to all students and staff on the 23rd of August announced the start of a new academy for Archery at the GUC. The email explained that the academy is recruiting and is open to all students, staff, staff family members and externals alike, with a slight increase in the fees for externals for two classes a week. It also explained that those wanting to join can call up the GUC sports club on a specified number, with classes expected to start after the Eid Vacations.

The GUC is the first university in Egypt to start an Archery club,” said Coach Mohammad Emara, vice head of the GUC sports department. He then went on to confirm that the sports department is to provide the new academy members with all the needed equipment.

When we started we expected 20 or 30 people to apply, but up until now we have more than a 100 applicants, which is a really great reaction,” added coach Emara at the time of the interview.

Coach Ahmed Saeed , “one of the best 8 coaches in Egypt” according to coach Emara, is going to be the trainer for the new archery academy. He has had previous experience coaching Archery for 10 years at the Shooting Club, which has one of the top Archery players in Egypt, many of which have participated in international competitions. He recently also took an advanced course in Korea.

Coach Emara explained that they plan on forming a team from the GUC to compete in national competitions, saying that “if the trainees turn out to be really good then there are national competitions that we can join”.

During the interview, Coach Emara explained that the GUC sports department is responsible for the gym and all the sports fields on campus. It also offers some other sports like Tennis, Gymnastics and Ju jitsu which is a traditional Japanese martial art. He further explained that the idea to start an archery academy at the GUC started a few months earlier when a GUC student, who was also an archery player, went and asked coach Emara if there was any chance that she could practice the sport she loved at her university. So after some deliberation and work with Coach Hazem Hussieni, Head of the GUC sports department, they made it come true.

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