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Sunday, 21st October 2018

25- and 28-Pharmacy Denounce Quizzes and Midterms Calendar

Posted on 05. Mar, 2015 by , and in News

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Over the past couple of years, the GUC campus has witnessed a lot of changes, as it has become more common for students to stand up in protest or in favor of various things.

While some of the protests are politically oriented, there are also protests that tackle academic issues. On Sunday 1st of March, however, the students of 25- Pharmacy participated in a protest that gathered about 60 students in the U-area of the B’s at 12:00 pm.

Usually what we pay most attention to are our midterms/finals schedules, but what’s left unnoticed is the quizzes calendar and the deadlines of the projects. We usually only realize that there is a problem when it’s too late. For 25- Pharmacy, though, it’s different: they realized the problem a little bit earlier than usual. They decided to make their voice heard about their discontent when it comes to their quizzes schedule, as it was overloaded.

We have 3 quizzes this week and all midterms are clustered in only one week, it’s not the first time, but we’ve come to a point where we can’t accept that situation anymore.” A 25- Pharmacy student said as to why he decided to protest.

Before they resorted to protesting, the Pharmacy Curriculum Committee met with the Vice Dean of Pharmacy, Dr. Mohamed Azizi, at 8:30 Sunday morning, and according to them he said that their suggestions aren’t implementable. Many students reported to The Insider that they felt that they needed more time to be able to study the large content of the quizzes and midterms. For example, this week, they have 3 quizzes, each covering 2 or 3 lectures.

So in order to solve the problem, they had four suggestions which were:
Firstly, substituting quiz 3 with a project, secondly, rescheduling theoretical materials to another week, extending the midterms period to Saturday, March 21st, and lastly, adding an extra 2 or 3 days to the semester.

The way our quizzes and midterms are scheduled is unacceptable. We’ve been calling for a longer period of midterms and a quiz calendar that respects our time, helps us to study and get good grades, but despite our efforts, the schedule was announced, disrespecting every single one of us.” Said Mina Tharwat, former faculty president in the 2014 SU.
Mirna Abd El-Malek, the SU’s Vice President for Planning and Resources, and a 25- Pharmacy student as well, was also participating in the event.
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Two representatives, Mohamed Al-Tair and Arwa Ahmed, who were chosen by the students, had another meeting with Dr. Azizi to discuss those 4 options and whether or not they can be implemented. The result of the meeting was that Dr. Azizi advised them to talk to Dr. Reham Abdel-Kader, who is responsible for the curriculum committee. Upon doing so, Dr. Reham replied, “we can reconsider the midterm timing, but after consulting Dr. Mohamed Weam who is responsible for the academic schedules.” Below is the new proposed schedule upon which the students have agreed:

Meanwhile, the students received this response regarding one of the quizzes the following day of their stand stating that it had been postponed  :


On tuesday 3rd of March, 28- Pharmacy class stood almost for the very same reasons,

We took the chance to talk to Dr. Azizi concerning the matter.I have been a student too, and I understand that the more time before the exams, the better. But the problem is that the calendar is tight due to reasons that are out of our hands. Most importantly, the graduate/senior male students at a certain time after their final exams need to receive their Arabic certificates in order to submit for military recruitment, otherwise, they may face serious consequences. And this depends on finals, make-ups, remarking, and summer rounds timing. Postponing the midterms may result in cancelling the second summer round, which happens to be very important to students, especially probation/advising students. Thus, we are restricted by the deadlines of the ministry of Higher Education and the military recruitment. Some seniors are also taking courses from previous semesters.” He went on to assure us, “We’re doing our best to make sure that probation/advising students get to graduate in the same year as their colleagues.
Lastly, he added, “On another note, I am really proud of Pharmacy students, the protest was a very respectful one, and I truly respect and understand their demands, and I encourage the right of civilized expression.


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