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Tuesday, 20th November 2018

GUCian leads “Handband” to AGT Semi-finals

Posted on 06. Feb, 2015 by and in News

‘HandBand’, the Egyptian band on Arabs Got Talent, has made it to the semifinals, and Insider had the chance to do an interview with the leader and founder of the band  Marcellino Monier who is a 28- pharmacy student.

‘HandBand’ is a team of five members : Thomas Wagdy, Bavely Mario, Abanoub Samir, Samer sameh, and Philopateer Adel, who are all high school students, and the band’s manager Marcellino Monier. The team met during church and scouts’ events. When asked about when and how the band started, Marcellino said: “We started in 2009, but some of members left the band and were replaced by others. The current band’s members have been working together since 2011. We didn’t have a name at the very beginning, we were just some guys who learned and perfected those hand beats and moves from a foreign band called Mayumana and started performing them in SGS ( saint george scouts) and church events or even in front of our friends.”

We also asked Marcellino about the story behind joining Arabs’ got talent and about the people’s reaction to that, “One day, One of the team members was watching MBC channel and the advertisement for Arabs Got Talent auditions grabbed his attention and the crazy idea stroke his mind, why not us? The next day he called to ask for my opinion, and we were in agreement. We then contacted the other members, a meeting was held and we decided to go for the auditions when the panel arrived in Egypt. The auditions were held in lycèe al Horyya school, we performed a 20 second show and we passed. Passing the local auditions qualified us to go to the main auditions.”

The band got 3 YESes from the judges, and when asked if he had expected that, he replied: “No. We expected a big NO from Ali. I was surprised he said yes, and showed his positive impression regarding the band as it rarely happens.” Unfortunately, Marcellino was unable to participate in the main auditions due to issues with travel permissions, but he will be there at the semi-finals, where the band’s performance, the hand moves and the beats will be originally by them, with a story to tell through the moves.

Finally, the ‘HandBand’ is currently focusing on short term goals and taking things one step at a time; so whatever happens in the competition they will still have their church and scout events to perform at. Support them by sending an SMS to “95141” with the number “26”.


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