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Tuesday, 20th November 2018

“HabFits” : Off Campus Campaign for Healthy Living

Posted on 22. Dec, 2013 by in News, Sport

photo 2“HabFits”, a campaign by Inspire and AIESEC-GUC , takes place in Modern Egyptian School in Cairo (MES) and aims for preaching healthy, fit habits.

The four-week event started on the 1st of December 2013, targeting middle school students ( from the 5th till the 9th grade). The plan encompasses a mix of sport activities and nutrition sessions.

“I think the event was successful for both Inspire and the students. The students were challenged, excited and happy. They learned how to maintain a healthier more active lifestyle” said Rana El-Awady, a public relations member at Inspire, “We have accomplished one of our goals by reaching out to school students. This was Inspire’s first off campus event.” She further added.

For the first week, students learnt about nutritional facts within Egypt and eating habits in other countries. This was presented by Mrs. Aya Kheir, a certified nutritionist, and Dr.Mohamed Omar,  another certified nutritionist from Masr el Khier.

Week two started with sessions about sports and its advantages by Dr. Gheihan Abdelgawad, a Rheumatology physician and consultant clinical nutritionist, and Dr. Maha Mosaad, a Rheumatology Physician as well and consultant clinical nutritionist. This was followed by a sport’s day organized by Inspire.

The sports day included activities like: Dodge Ball, FlagFootball, Frisbee, Squash by Yahia el Torkey, a Squash trainer for children in Shams Club, cycling and gym sessions by Mohamed Abdullah, a certified gym trainer in Health and Power gym. For girls there were daily aerobics session, and Zumba sessions with Heba Mohamed, a certified Zumba fitness instructor.

The third week, students learnt more about the disadvantages of bad sleeping habits and smoking.

The final week will be a 2 to 3 days conference in which the students share what they have learned throughout this experience.

Hana Magdy, project manager at AIESEC GUC, stated that the event was a success as it had a huge impact on the students, concerning both nutrition and physical education. The project was unique, Hana explained, as the students got to experience new types of sports like Zumba and American football. “The past month was a trial for HabFits as we are going to expand and impact other schools and different age groups.”  she further added.



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