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Sunday, 21st October 2018

Forming The Insider organisation and appointing new editor-in-chief in GUC for 2013-2014

Posted on 01. Oct, 2013 by in News

Shaheer Shaheen, The Insider Student organisation founder, and Maged Shalaby, The Insider GUC editor-in-chief – Photo by Norhan Kamal

Shaheer Shaheen, The Insider Student organisation founder, and Maged Shalaby, The Insider GUC new editor-in-chief – Photo by Norhan Kamal

The Insider organisation has announced the final steps of a six-month transition plan which involved orderly transfer of responsibilities in GUC branch and the formation of the organisation. This was announced today, October 1st, 2013, in The Insider GUC‘s general meeting.

“It’s been two and half years since founding The Insider. We have expanded our work to six universities in Egypt and are still growing,” says Shaheer Shaheen, The Insider organisation founder and president.

“We have been working tirelessly for the past six months to establish an organisation we could rely on for years to come; namely the first independent student media entity in Egypt, that would handle and guide all The Insider branches to maintain the same vision, standard and goals.” He added.

Today, he announced that long-time editor Maged Shalaby will be The Insider GUC editor-in-chief for the academic year 2013-2014.

“I feel very fortunate to have such a great leader like Maged Shalaby to take The Insider GUC branch to new horizons, besides his indispensable role with us in The Insider organisation.” He concluded.


Maged Shalaby chaired the meeting today and announced his mission and plans for the new year.

“We have been working on a new structure and workflow to decrease any unnecessary delay in the making process of our posts and publications. We have created a successful model here at GUC to be followed nation-wide, and we intend to keep it the best,” said Shalaby to the attendees.

The Insider vision remains as it always has been; to unite and empower students,” he added.

“What we have achieved so far is the result of teamwork. We wouldn’t have reached this far without the efforts of a dedicated and hard-working editor like Rana Fetit, and her team leaders Salma Khaled and Khloud Khalid. Our Media head Norhan Kamal, and our OC and logistics heads Tarek Fawzy and Mohamed Amr Shousha. They have all been doing a great job leading their teams, and we are expecting great things from them this year.” He concluded.


“Maged Shalaby and I are confident we’ve got a great team that can step up to drive The Insider’s earned reputation forward without missing a beat. We will continue being independent and raise the awareness and cultural levels of our community,” said Shaheer Shaheen to the attendees.

“We firmly believe the road ahead for The Insider organisation is as bright as ever.” He concluded.


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