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Wednesday, 21st November 2018

Last day for Prof. Georg Jung after a 3 year journey at the GUC

Posted on 28. Aug, 2013 by in News

We'll miss you Prof. Georg!

We’ll miss you Prof. Georg!

In what seemed an unexpected move, Prof. Georg Jung, MET lecturer since September 2010 and The Insider academic adviser for one year, will be leaving the GUC, having his last day tomorrow Wednesday, the 28th of August.

“He has been a true mentor, both on the personal level and academic level, and had his office door open for anyone be it a friendly chat or a seriously big matter where his advice was asked for,” says Shaheer Shaheen, The Insider founder and editor-in-chief.

Prof. Jung is only one out of several doctors from the Computer Science department to have left the GUC in the past 2 years. The list includes Prof. Carmen Gervet, Prof. Amal el Nahas, as well as Prof. Christian Sturm.

The reasons for his departure are “manyfold”, as he describes, but he informed us he will be going back to Germany, to undertake  a research-only position, with a focus of advancing Software Engineering research.

The 39 year old Professor has taught an array of courses in his 3 year tenure, including some introductory courses to first and third semester students, as well as more advanced courses including the CSEN1003 (Compilers).

His seminars and electives for 5th year students, as well as the the maths course for 3rd year students, were strongly rooted in the mathematical aspects of Computer Science.



But outside his courses, people from other majors than Engineering also knew Prof. Jung, but in a relatively different light: He gave Ju-Jutsu classes on weekly basis in the gym, a Japanese martial art which aims to teach how to defeat an armed opponent with no weapon.

“I got to know Prof. Jung more through Ju Jutsu than through CS1,” told us Rana Fetit, a Pharmacy student who took the CSEN104 course with Prof. Jung, but also tried the Ju Jutsu sessions.

She assured how patient he was as an instructor, no matter how clumsy she was at first at Ju Jutsu, adding that “a good laughter and a surge of endorphins were by far the best thing about my Mondays”.


Saying Goodbye

A surprise party was held for him today, Tuesday the 27th, at the GUC by some students from his old classes, as well as from the Ju Jutsu sessions.

Some of his students had also shared this form, for anyone to leave any thank you or goodbye notes which would be collected and sent later to Prof. Jung.

And there was definitely a lot of sentiment to be found among his students regarding the news.

Khloud Khalid, who attended today’s farewell, told us how she wished he could stay. “I’m certainly disappointed that he’s not teaching me next semester,” she said.

Mina Nagy, one of Prof. Jung’s students since 2010,  let us know how Prof. Georg was not “just another lecturer” to him.

“From Ju Jutsu every Monday without fail, to making me actually finally watch Star Wars, he’s one of those people who actually cared about trying to improve things,” Nagi added.

“For what it’s worth, I’m going to really miss the guy.”


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