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Tuesday, 20th November 2018

GUC student bullied and attacked on campus for having a piercing

Posted on 21. Jan, 2013 by and in News

Mohanad Kojak, a 28- Applied Arts freshman, was verbally and physically abused on campus earlier today by a group of seven engineering students for having a piercing around his ears.

Mohanad spoke to us about what happened in detail, describing how he insisted on not taking the matter on his own hand, but rather report it officially to the head of security at GUC. Furthermore, conveying a message by holding a banner alone in the middle of the platform area.

Sitting in the platform area, one guy asks him about what it is at his ears. When he said it was a piercing, one of them replied by asking where he got it.

“I want to make one too in my [private parts]” the guy said. “I told him to do whatever he wanted,” Mohanad replied, when one of the guy’s friends turned mad and started using an aggressive tone, asking him if he was from Egypt.

“I told him it’s none of his business,” then a big guy pushed the table at him while another one approached and slapped him on the face “with all his might”, as Mohanad describes, “the others just laughed at me.”

He went on that he could have called his brother and cousin and gathered people to beat them up but felt it’s more appropriate if he sought his rights in an official way. So he headed to Brigadier Aboul Enein’s office, the head of GUC security, and told him the story.

Two guards were sent back with him to bring in the three guys; the one who verbally abused him, the one who pushed the table at him and the one who slapped him.

“Typically, they claimed they haven’t done anything,” he added.

“After that I made a banner and wrote on it ‘I am free and I wish people would mind their own business,’ and held it at the platform area. Many kept on mocking me as they go. One of them even told me that I should be a man and go beat them up,” Mohanad went on.

At around 5pm, he was asked for at Aboul Enein’s office, where he was told of their desire to apologise. Mohanad refused their apologies and said “I’m sorry but I was insulted and humiliated in front of everyone and no one stood up for me. Please don’t make me regret dealing with this the decent way by coming to you.” Aboul Enein replied that he already made an official report on the incident.

Mohanad went on: “I believe I did the right thing by filing that report, however, I don’t think an apology is enough for me. I don’t understand why the head of security was pushing me towards accepting their apology and to let it go. I rather hoped I would find him more helpful in applying what the university policy dictates in such situations.”

Mohanad Kojak admitted that he experiences some ridicule every now and then from different people, but not in such an extreme level.

When asked about what he wished would have happened, he said: “This took place at 1pm when the platform area was crowded with students. There were witnesses everywhere, but none stood up to defend me.”

He assures that his attitude when he sees people he doesn’t know being abused on the street is to try intervening in a good way. “But in my case the audience was apparently enjoying the show.” He concluded.

Image courtesy of Nourhane Sabbah.

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