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Friday, 14th December 2018

Last day of vote for all committees in the independent SU elections

Posted on 27. Nov, 2012 by , , and in Features, News

Voting process for an independent Student Union has kicked off this Saturday, amidst moderate turnout.

470 votes have been collected on Saturday. “The votes are filtered per day to speed up the process, and avoid the [ballot] papers being taken away by the University,” one of the organizers informed us.

Today was the third, and final, day of voting for all committee positions including  SJB, Senate, and the Academic Committee; whose voting was today.

Voting for the Presidential Cabinets will take place on the 3rd and 4th of December.

Presidential Cabinets include a President, two Vice Presidents, and a treasurer.

Only two Cabinets have been nominated, Karim Naguib’s Cabinet and Freedom Students, headed by Karim Naguib and Ahmed Emad respectively.

Independent vs University supported Elections

There has been no University backing of these Student Union elections, with students taking over organization duties themselves.

The organizers are amongst the same group of students who carried out the Independent Referendum on the new SU Bylaws two months ago.

The administration had not backed up the independent referendum, and decided to carry out another referendum on a slightly different version of the new SU bylaws in cooperation with SU 2012, who have declared finishing their duties after carrying out the University backed referendum.

The University had decided to delay the elections phase for SU 2013 until after the midterms, but hasn’t started yet the nomination process for SU 2013.

Two Presidential Cabinets

Karim Naguib’s Cabinet has Karim Naguib as President,Youssef khaled and Andrew Wilson as Vice Presidents, with Habibba Khattab as treasurer.

Freedom Students Cabinet has Ahmed Emad as President, with Ziad El Gamal and Omar Nawwawy as Vice Presidents, and Mohammed Matbouly as treasurer.

Karim Naguib’s Cabinet had opted against having nominees for SJB, Senate and Committee positions, while the Freedom Students Cabinet had declared before that it had students running for “almost” all positions.

The last week has involved a series of debates amongst candidates from different committees each discussing their programs and receiving questions from students.

Debates where usually held on the basement floor of C5. Students were encouraged to ask details about the programs of candidates.

A Presidential debate was also held on the 21st of November, between Ahmed Emad and Karim Naguib, the Presidents of the two cabinets.

In an earlier interview with one of the students, Ahmed Abdel-Aty, he said, “Whoever is going to win is the one who’s going to represent the students and is expected to negotiate with the administration.” He further added that the two sides [the students and administration] should work together on this issue to reach a compromise.


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