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Friday, 14th December 2018

“500 x Eid”, GUC’ians Spreading Joy Among 500 Families

Posted on 20. Oct, 2012 by , and in News

“500 fi Eid” aims to spread joy into the lives of 500 families by buying and packing meat to give to them before Eid, in a joint event by Bdaya and AYB, the renowned  GUC clubs and NGOs.

“We intend on distributing 700Kg of meat to 500 families, 300 of which are from the worker’s families of the university,” told us Sherif Fawzy, one of the event’s organisers. “The rest will be distributed among unprivileged families in El-Matareya district,” he further added.


Students can contribute through direct donations, or by playing any of the games being held at the Bdaya and AYB booths to help raise money. The games are air hockey for LE 7, baby-foot for LE 6 and darts for LE 5. Cupcakes are also sold for LE 7.

Collecting donations will continue until 22nd of October.

Students can also volunteer to help in distributing the meat packs, even those who are not Bdaya or AYB members. “The event has an online page that allows everyone, even non-GUCians to participate and donate,” Sherif concluded.

Bdaya will be responsible for distributing to the university’s workers, while AYB will be in charge of reaching the families in El-Matareya, which has been their area of expertise for years as part of their long-term district development project.


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