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Friday, 14th December 2018

A mysterious ‘Socialist Student’ calls for boycotting the SU elections apparently after hacking into the GUC system

Posted on 26. Oct, 2011 by in News

A screenshot of the sent e-mail

An e-mail message sent in Arabic this evening by a person that used the name ‘Socialist Student’ in the signature was reportedly received by a big number of the GUC students at their GUC Mail inbox, calling for boycotting this year’s SU elections and ‘joining the students in their actions against the administration, either through demonstrations or sit-ins.’

It used strong standard Arabic language in telling the story of how the Student Union was created after 15 protesting students were banned from entering the GUC campus for ‘asking for the least of their rights.’ It goes on to tell about how an agreement was reached to create the Student Union using bylaws written by the university, provided that the SU was given the right to change them later, but later instead the university rejected a request to start a students’ referendum on whether to implement new suggested bylaws that the SU drafted.

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The e-mail had signs that indicate it was not sent by normal means, but rather was done after hacking into the GUC system. Most notably that it confusingly had no ‘To’ field, something that even e-mails sent by the GUC system have to have, but the fact that not all students have received such e-mail leaves room for other assumptions as well.

The e-mail carried the subject line ‘Very Important’ in Arabic and used red colour to stress on specific words. It was concluded by a motivating line that suits the ‘social’ spirit of the whole message that read ‘O Students of Egypt, unite.’

The following is a translation of the e-mail sent:

In light of the circumstances Egypt is going through and after we inhaled the liberty scent; the administration of our dignified university presents itself to us with its repressive face day after day. In the past, the university administration banning the entrance of 15 students to campus for demanding the least of their rights; to establish a Student Union to represent us, do justice and restore our wasted rights. After negotiations and pressure, the university administration, kindly, agreed to establish a Student Union with bylaws made by the university administration itself, provided that the bylaws would be changed by the members of the Student Union and with the participation of students in the first term of the Student Union. The Student Union members made a tremendous effort in the drafting of new bylaws, putting on top of their priority the interest of students and nothing else. After they finished drafting these bylaws that safeguard the dignity of students and protect their rights, the university administration surprised them with an arbitrary decision, namely the complete rejection to making a referendum for the students on the bylaws. The administration stipulated to review the bylaws and modify what they like, and thus violate the rights of students and freedoms, furthermore encroach on what our revolution stood for namely democracy.

And so I appeal to all honest people of the German University to boycott the Student Union upcoming elections in objection to these arbitrary decisions and joining the students in their actions against the administration, either through demonstrations or sit-ins, and thanks.

O Students of Egypt, unite.

Socialist Student


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