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Tuesday, 20th November 2018

Picture Perfect: Two GUC-ians Taking the First Steps Towards Their Dream

Posted on 28. Jun, 2015 by in Features, Interviews

More decorations at:

More decorations at:

Almost each and every one of us has a dream wishing endlessly for it to come true. Truth be told, almost none of us change that magical thought into reality, but when we do, something extraordinary like an explosion of creativity strikes, filling the implementer with ultimate happiness.

Two of those dreamers who recently took the first steps towards their goal are 28- Architecture GUC students, who decided to start their own decoration business, “Picture Perfect”.

The idea came to life on February 2014, when Nadine El Kadi’s brother’s birthday came up and she wanted to throw him the biggest most colorful birthday party ever. By asking her close friend Mariam Medhat, who also shared the passion of decorating, it was more than doable. Later that day, they officially discussed how together they can start their partnership.
The name was still uncertain until they came up with their popular motto, “We will make your event a picture perfect one.” From this day forward and to be more particular since last summer,  they decorated their relative’s birthdays, baby showers, and even decorated The Insider Closing Ceremony this year using simple and lovely decorations. Their artistic sense also inspired them to make color-themed cupcakes to match the decorations. And finally, on the 24th of May, they officially launched their Facebook page, “Picture Perfect Decorations.”
Basically a client calls us up, and we meet up somewhere right away, they tell us about their ideas what they want, and most importantly their budget. Whatever it is, we figure it out and do our best to adjust to give them everything they want within budget. We meet again one more time after with our ideas and suggestions and the specific prices, and then we move forward from there!” says Mariam.

Looking at where they stand now, they realized it wasn’t always as peachy. “Coordinating between work and uni gets hard sometimes, but it’s nothing we can’t handle, and honestly, during the tough times, the only way we made it through was with the help of both our families.” says Nadine.

Of course being an architect worked both ways. The creativity, the drawing skills, and the designs were all related to architecture somehow. On the other hand, Architecture in GUC is all about the deadlines, pressure and loads of projects which consume a lot of time and effort. It goes without saying that sometimes they have to cancel or decline an event.

We mostly work together, and because we’re in the same major, it’s easier to coordinate because our free time is almost always the same. All nighters have been pulled with every single event, but they’ve actually gotten us much more experienced and that’s what matters.

Their little dream goes beyond little parties. In fact these tiny steps are only steps closer to what they hope to achieve one day: They want to become future wedding planners.

Since we’re going to be in Berlin next semester, we’re going to be off the grid for 5 months. And we don’t want to have to start all over once we’re back, we want our reputation to be ahead of us, so we really do give it our all, and that’s where the best results come out!

Dreams are meant to come true, with a little effort and so much faith. All you have to do is just take baby steps towards your dream and soon enough, you will be there. Mariam and Nadine’s success story is truly inspiring, so make sure you follow their Facebook page at Now you know who to call next time you plan a party!

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