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Friday, 14th December 2018

Who Is Behind That GUC Calculator App?

Posted on 24. Dec, 2014 by in Interviews, Tech

10881556_684985394948158_5095199444100227868_nAlmost all GUC-ians suffer through the tedious task of calculating their coursework and the needed percentage to get a certain grade or even pass altogether. On Thursday, December 18th,  “GUC  Calculator” went live on the Google app store. Insider had the chance to meet up with the creators of the “GUC Calculator” app: Omar Hesham (19- Networks) and Sherif Fawzy (25-Networks).

Omar and Sherif, how did you get acquainted with each other?

Sherif: Omar was my junior TA during my 6th Semester at the GUC. After I finished my android project that semester, we became close friends. So when the idea of “GUC Calculator” revealed itself, we decided to work together.


What was the inspiration behind “GUC calculator”?
Many students, ourselves included, face the problem of having to calculate our coursework, and what percentage we need to get in order to achieve a certain grade. So we wanted to facilitate that process; that’s when the idea hit us.

How long did it take to implement and officially launch “GUC calculator”?
7 days to be exact.

How does the app work?

What it basically does is tell you the needed percentage from the final exam in order to get a certain grade.

The 1st screenshot shows that in order to get a B- you have to get 68.13% on your final exam.

The dashed grades like A and A+ in the second screenshot mean that given the entered coursework, that grade cannot be achieved.













If you want to calculate your possible GPA if you got certain grades, or to calculate your actual GPA, the dilemma is now over. All you have to do is enter your course total expected/actual grade and the number of credit hours the course has and so on with the rest of the courses, and your GPA will instantly appear.

The  screenshots show an example, if  you got an A+ in a 4-credit-hour course, a B in a 6-credit-hour course, a C in a 4-credit-hours course, and so on, then your total GPA will be 2.04.And finally, the app also includes a grading scheme.



How was the feedback you received concerning “GUC calculator”?

It was totally surprising and unexpected; the app was downloaded 1418 times in less than 48 hours. One of our friends told us that she overheard 2 guys talking about the app, exclaiming that it’s a “genius app.

Have you received any complaints from the app users?
Tablet users encountered some technical problems, however, the issues were solved in under an hour.

The app is currently on google play store, however, it’s not provided for iOS users, who feel really disappointed not being able to use it. So, will there be an iOS version of “GUC calculator”?

We’re not considering an iOS version at the moment; putting into consideration the time factor. However, a web version will be available soon. The web version will serve all different kinds of users on mobiles, tablets, or PC’s.

8What about your marketing plan for the app?
Well, for now, we’re relying on social media marketing; “GUC calculator” has a Facebook page to make it easier to communicate with the app users, receive their recommendations and provide them with the new updates.

Also, our friends from different majors help us spread the app among the students by sharing it on their timelines or GUC Facebook groups.
What is the next phase? Will there be any updates?
The next phase will be the website – the web version of “GUC calculator” – and it will be launched within a maximum of two weeks.
The third phase is a surprise; so stay tuned.


Can you just give a hint about what exactly will be added in the 3rd phase?
New features that will include one of the users’ recommendations.

As the app grows bigger, will the team expand to include new members?

Yes, Alaa Maher (25-, CS) , Rana Nuito (25- , Networks) and Ehab Deabes (13-, Communication) have already joined the team.

Inside look from Google Play Developer Console:


Seems like GUC Berlin students started downloading the app too!

guccalculator11 gucCalculator9


What would be your advice regarding creating apps? 

Whenever you have an idea, don’t hesitate to implement it.

Would you like to share any message through the Insider?

Yes, we would like to thank our friends who were one of the main reasons for spreading the word and whom without their support, the application wouldn’t have reached all these people in such a brief amount of time.

Have you downloaded the new “GUC Calculator App”? What do you think of it? We can’t wait to hear your opinions & questions in the comments!

To know more about the app, check out the Facebook page GUC Calculator.

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