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Tuesday, 20th November 2018

“Designed to break” GUC Applied Arts student designs safe mountain biking helmet

Posted on 05. Jul, 2014 by in Interviews

What do you know about mountain biking? Before this interview, I knew next to nothing about mountain biking. Turns out, there is a whole community of mountain bikers in Egypt!


Mirna Makary, a product design applied arts student, designed a mountain biking helmet for beginners as her bachelor project. This helmet is designed to break as it absorbs ultimate energy allowing less impact on the rider’s head and neck.

“I’m really into automotive design in general but I had only 3 months to do my bachelor. So, I chose a project related to cycling or specifically mountain biking as bikes lack an engine so they are less complex safety wise.” said Mirna “So, I searched about mountain biking in Egypt and found that there is a group for Egyptian mountain bikers (Mtb Egypt) on Facebook, they were really helpful and enthusiastic about my idea.”


This helmet differs from other mountain biking helmets in that usually helmets are manufactured using a mould that’s what makes them expensive (ranging from 500-1000 L.E) however her helmet is relatively cheaper (costs 250 L.E) it’s handmade and it doesn’t take long hours to make. She added, “the helmet still needs more developing and I want to research more to make the shape more appealing. I also hope in the future to make workshops for people to be able to make their helmets themselves.”

When asked about the hardships or obstacles involved in doing a graduation project in general she responded saying that the process of finding good workshops to work with and places that sell good materials took a lot of time, she suggested that having a sort of book or document with all the contacts for good workshops and shops that sell good quality material will be really helpful.

What do you think about Mirna’s bachelor project?

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