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Friday, 14th December 2018

London-based Egyptian engineer builds a real-time development platform

Posted on 16. Oct, 2013 by in Features, Interviews, Tech

Playir-AshrafPlayir, a software engineering start-up, allows for creating and editing games via a web-browser utilizing cross-platform multi-player technology.

“Our product allows you to drag and drop your own advanced 3D multi-player games across any platform,” said Ashraf Samy Hegab, founder of Playir, “This means you can rapidly design a game on an iPhone, but play it on a BlackBerry or an Android device for example… Without the need to writing complex code or worrying about its syntax.”

Games can be instantly shared with friends for review, as well as be tweaked in real-time, he said, adding that, “This gives our users full dynamic in allowing art, user interface, design and code changes to be synchronized even during game play.”

The product also allows content creators to resell their designs and code assets as templates for non-specialists, who can then use it for their own games.

Playir targets “anyone who wants to get into games development but is being limited by their programming experience or busy schedule.”  The platform, however, “is extremely dynamic and doesn’t restrict you from programming at all.” Ashraf continued saying, “It allows loading the source code and editing it line by line, with the changes synchronizing live with the editor and across mobile devices.”

To get started, he said, one only needs to install the platform and use the drag-and-drop design tools to create a video game without programming at all. The product comes with a library of visual design tools that allows you to edit menus, levels, characters and animation without the need to do any coding.

“I have always been passionate about enabling the creative in all of us.” said Ashraf. “I quit my job 6 months ago to pursue this dream of opening up closed platforms with real-time technology… Creating tools that work across multiple operating systems is always a huge undertaking. We have spent over a decade working with different operating systems and platforms, ranging from consoles, to PCs to mobiles working across multiple languages and APIs.” he further added.

Last July, Playir was at Intel Ultracode and gave a live demo of their real-time engine in action showcasing the updating of menus, levels, and even source code changes being updated across web and native devices in real-time.

They also presented at Start-up Stories V, Apps for Good, Tizen Developers Conference and GMIC Beijing 2013. Playir has also just launched a Kick Starter campaign and aim to raise £25,000.

Ashraf studied software engineering at the University of Westminster and has cross industry experience in both the telecoms and gaming industries.


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