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Tuesday, 20th November 2018
Picture Perfect: Two GUC-ians Taking the First Steps Towards Their Dream

Posted on 28. Jun, 2015 by in Features, Interviews

Almost each and every one of us has a dream wishing endlessly for it to come true. Truth be told, almost none of us change that magical thought into reality, but when we do, something extraordinary like an explosion of creativity strikes, filling the implementer with ultimate happiness. Two of those dreamers who recently took […]

حوار : عمر سمرة من ادارة الاعمال الي قمة ايفريست

Posted on 05. Mar, 2015 by in Interviews

صوُر لإنسايدر : أية وحش في نطاق حملة لمكافحة التدخين في الجامعة الالمانية بالقاهرة  نظمتها AID، مؤسسة طلابية داخل الجامعة الألمانية تهدف لتنمية و نشر الوعي الصحي في مصر، يوم الاثنين الموافق ٢/٣،  تمت دعوة عمر سمرة، أول مصري و أصغر عربي يتمكن من تسلق أعلي قمم جبال العالم للحديث عن مغامراته و حث الشباب […]

GUC TCS Actor Participates in Oscar-Winning Kevin Spacey’s Theater Workshop

Posted on 04. Mar, 2015 by in Interviews

Widely known as “Qatary”, the TCS (Theatre & Cinema School) actor, Mohamed Habib, a 28- Pharmacy student at the GUC, has participated in a theater workshop in “The Middle East Theatre Academy” in Al Sharjah, UAE at the first days of this year . Magnificently enough, Qatary was chosen to participate in the workshop by […]

Who Is Behind That GUC Calculator App?

Posted on 24. Dec, 2014 by in Interviews, Tech

Almost all GUC-ians suffer through the tedious task of calculating their coursework and the needed percentage to get a certain grade or even pass altogether. On Thursday, December 18th,  “GUC  Calculator” went live on the Google app store. Insider had the chance to meet up with the creators of the “GUC Calculator” app: Omar Hesham (19- […]

“No More” Applied arts student re-envisions Alzheimer’s in 4000 hand drawn frames

Posted on 10. Nov, 2014 by in Interviews

Imagine yourself watching the movie “Alzheimer” by “Adel Emam”, when a younger relative asks you “What is Alzheimer’s?”. Most people would reply by saying: “It’s the cunning disease” and then ask God for protection, so nothing really proactive about that approach. However, Norhan Kamal, a Media Design applied arts senior and a self-employed animation-holic, decided to […]

Dental Clinic To Open At GUC

Posted on 13. Sep, 2014 by in Interviews

Most of us know Dr. Usamah as the university’s esteemed medical expert and the go to guy when we need to submit medical documents of alleged or actual diseases that stood between us and attending our exams. Today however, we seeked Dr. Usamah to help us make sense of a piece of paper on a door […]

“Designed to break” GUC Applied Arts student designs safe mountain biking helmet

Posted on 05. Jul, 2014 by in Interviews

What do you know about mountain biking? Before this interview, I knew next to nothing about mountain biking. Turns out, there is a whole community of mountain bikers in Egypt! Mirna Makary, a product design applied arts student, designed a mountain biking helmet for beginners as her bachelor project. This helmet is designed to break […]

London-based Egyptian engineer builds a real-time development platform

Posted on 16. Oct, 2013 by in Features, Interviews, Tech

Playir, a software engineering start-up, allows for creating and editing games via a web-browser utilizing cross-platform multi-player technology. “Our product allows you to drag and drop your own advanced 3D multi-player games across any platform,” said Ashraf Samy Hegab, founder of Playir, “This means you can rapidly design a game on an iPhone, but play […]

رئيس اتحاد طلبة الجامعة الألمانية 2012: الانتخابات التي جئنا من خلالها شرعية

Posted on 15. Feb, 2012 by in Interviews, News

فى حوار خاص أجرته الجريدة مع الزميل سيف الدين طارق عبد الغنى، رئيس اتحاد طلبة الجامعة الألمانية لعام 2012، تحدثنا معه عن تفاصيل أهداف الاتحاد الجديد، وعن رأيه فى كثير من المواقف الهامة المتعلقة بأزمة اتحاد طلبة 2011 مع الجامعة بخصوص اللائحة والتي تطورت إلى أزمة بين اتحاد طلاب “حالي” واتحاد طلاب “سابق”… أجرى الحوار: […]