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Wednesday, 21st November 2018

Nebny GUC comes “To The Rescue”.

Posted on 23. Apr, 2013 by and in General


Photo by May Farrag

“To the rescue”, a campaign launched by Nebny GUC,  encourags Gucians to donate their old books, which will be placed in the first Mansheya library. The campaign also offers first aid and CPR sessions.

“A lot of people have old books and don’t use them… One man’s trash can be another’s treasure!” said Amr Mashaly, co-head of the education committee at Nebny GUC.

He continued saying, “You can rescue someone by donating a book, because the book will offer that someone a great deal of experience in a short time that he wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise.”

Nebny came up with the idea of  Mansheya library after going several times to Mansheya for the aim of its development, especially education wise. Development included  school development, summer schools and illiteracy eradication.

Their target is to collect a minimum of 300 books or even Mickey magazines. They have already collected around 190 books.

As for the first aid and the CPR sessions, it will be given by Dr. Amr Ashmawy resident surgeon in Germany. The first aid session is offered for free, while the CPR is offered for 30 LE.

Nebny members went through the university campus playing a card game that tests GUCians’ knowledge of first aid procedures. Correct answers  took a prize. It was found  that even some pharmacy students weren’t able to answer.

Amr further added that for the first aid, “there are many situations in life that you might face and regret not having enough knowledge; this is why the first aid and CPR sessions are particularly important.”

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