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Tuesday, 20th November 2018

GUC MUN Conference: An Inside View

Posted on 08. Jun, 2015 by and in Features

Photo from MUN's closing ceremony by Fatema Ahmed.

Photo from MUN’s closing ceremony by Fatema Ahmed.

GUC Model United Nations (MUN) holds an annual conference to simulate UN committees. This year, the conference simulated 2 councils: The Security Council, the most powerful committee,  which is responsible for keeping the international peace, and The Human Rights Council, which protects and monitors human rights globally, and is also responsible for addressing the countries/organisations involved in violations of human rights.
During the conference, the secretariats of the councils take the positions of The Chair, who is mainly responsible for moderating debates, keeping time, and ruling on points and motions, The Rapporteur, responsible for the speakers’ list and moderating the Roll Call, The Research Commissioner, responsible for adopting the conference agenda, and The Director, responsible for directing the delegates, writing resolutions and reading them, as well as amendments to the resolutions. The representatives of the countries are split into delegates, who are highly active, and observers, who are part of the conflict therefore have no right to vote, but have an important role in the debate.

The MUN conference was held on the 27th, 28th, 30th and 31s of May. Every year, the conference discusses 4 new cases, 2 of which are picked depending on current events. The first two days of the conference were held at the GUC while the second two were held at the Dusit Thani LakeView Cairo.

On the 30th of May, The Human Rights Council was discussing one of the 4 cases handled during this year’s conference, namely the corruption in FIFA that included bribes and advantageous hosting. The conference started by proceeding with the roll call and making sure that all delegations were present. The Honorable Chair gave the floor to The Research Commissioner who formally adopted the agenda of the conference and explained the case briefly. Then, the delegates started the opening speeches through which they anxiously expressed their eagerness to maintain the purity and fairness of the football game. Some delegations including Russia, China, and Brazil supported FIFA and expressed their belief that the accusations were of no reliable evidence. However, other delegations including USA and KSA were strictly against FIFA, criticizing its decision to hold the next two world cups in Russia and Qatar, seeing that both countries are obviously violating human rights.

In the neighboring hall, the Security Council discussed the case of the territorial disputes in the South China Sea which have lasted for over 100 years. This issue concerned parties including Brunei, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, and Vietnam. The delegates were so devoted; to the extent that they either spoke the native language or wore an accessory that was distinctive of their country. After the roll call, Chile suggested that Vietnam should become an observer just like Japan, China, Brunei, and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations). The proposal was declined because this was an informal debate, until a twist took place. Due to recent collisions between Chinese and Vietnamese vessels, the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) announced Vietnam as an observer in the crisis. The debate represented the actual game of politics, where, for example, Russia had one delegate speaking about how they want to benefit everyone while another delegate passed notes to China because they were obviously on the same side.
However, the conference wasn’t all that serious. Something unexpectedly fun took place during the 30 minutes break. A makeshift talent show was held under the title of “Clash of the Councils.” And a little under a minute the audience roared with laughter. Whether it were dancing, singing, beat-boxing or even impersonations/acting, it was a fun, mood-lightening break.

The goal of the last day was mainly to reach a proper, peaceful resolution that benefits all parties and ends the conflicts.

In the Human Rights council’s hall, after a lot of arguments, there was complete silence to attentively listen to the resolution. The resolution addressed stakeholders, Qatar and Russia; urging both governments to improve their human rights conditions and to fully protect human rights of world cup attendees visiting their countries. It also addressed the United Nations Office Of Drugs and Crime, urging an investigation of suspicious transactions and corruption within FIFA, from which cooperation was required. Finally, the United Nations Economic and Social Council was urged to hold a meeting discussing the issue, pending the investigation’s results. It was time to vote. Generally a  resolution only passes when ⅔ of the delegates agree upon it. The day ended with a final count of 17 people for and 1 abstaining, and so; the resolution successfully passed.

In the Security Council’s hall and after an hour and a half of heated debate, eventually a resolution was made including the following points: Condemning all the political, social and humanitarian violations committed by all the parties in the region, assuring the importance of maintaining international peace and states’ sovereignty by immediate, complete withdrawal of any military troops and suspension of any military operations within the disputed areas, except for China that will withdraw 30% of its troops and then gradually but surely remove them all. All of this would require extreme respect for the peacekeeping operations that are to be sent in the conflicted regions to monitor the withdrawals for 1 year without depriving them of their right of international investments.

A recommendation was made of multilateral talks between the parties of interest to take place in Switzerland and to be mediated by ASEAN, where talks between Argentina and the United Kingdom are to take place in and be mediated by Nigeria. With 9 votes for, 0 against, and 6 abstains, the resolution passed.

After 4 exhausting days, it was finally time to celebrate all the hard work! Everyone rushed into D4.102 when the doors opened and tears of joy filled the eyes of MUNers not believing that the year is officially over. After giving out certificates and titles to all the members congratulating them on their hard work, moving and passionate speeches were made by the board, leaving everyone on the other end touched and speechless. This day was a living proof that GUC MUN members are beyond the rough crust we see, they are actually a well bonded, highly emotional family.

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