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Friday, 14th December 2018

The Intelligent Question: A Battle of Wits

Posted on 10. Apr, 2015 by and in Features


TIQ's two Houses: Orion vs. Pegasus

TIQ’s two Houses: Orion vs. Pegasus

The Intelligent Question is a debate club which aims for progress through effective communication and perpetual seeking of knowledge. Their mission is to inspire openness and make sure that knowledge along with truth are always hand in hand, pursued by encouraging curiosity. 

On Friday, 3rd of April, the second of the three major debating events by TIQ, Inter-House Debate 2, between the two houses Orion and Pegasus, took place in halls 8, 9 and 10.

Following the international debate format “World Style Debating,”  this highly interactive debate features a dynamic format combining the concepts of “prepared” topics, since the debaters have the motion before the actual event, and “impromptu” topics, as they know which side they are on (Government or Opposition), along with the position, 15 minutes before the debate by withdrawing  a random piece of paper. This encourages the debaters to focus on specific issues rather than procedural arguments. There are 4 members on each side, and each debater has only 7 minutes and 15 seconds for their speech. The opening teams consist of The Prime Minister who further defines the topic of the debate and clearly links it to the motion, the Opposition Leader who opposes the Government’s case, and a deputy prime minister/deputy opposition leader, responsible for developing the team’s argument, backing it up with support and most importantly refuting the claims of the other team. The other two are also paired but as a closing team which consists of: Member for the Government/ Member of the Opposition, who also supports and refutes but most importantly adds a new perspective to the debate while following the guidelines, and finally the Government Whip/Opposition Whip who sum up everything said and rebut the other team.

Friday’s first motion was “This house believes that the colonial powers should pay reparations to former colonies for past atrocities.” Mariam Yehia, Prime Minister, pointed out that colonial powers drained their former colonies’ resources, savagely and cruelly treated their people and sometimes even enslaved them, and most importantly, killed a lot of citizens, for example, a reduction of the population of the Congo, by around 10 million, is noted by after the Belgian colony. On the other hand, Khaled Tarek, Opposition Leader, claimed that colonization is the normal step towards development and applying the motion would cause harm to taxpayers. He also stated that there’s no point in making people suffer for what their ancestors did, and to support his claims he used the Suez canal as an example stating that back then the colonial powers used it for themselves but now Egyptians are the ones reaping the benefits.

The second motion was “This House believes that the struggle against ISIS should be conducted solely by the Middle East“. Yacoub Yassin, Government Whip, started his speech by sayingHe who relies on the western world (to solve the region’s problems) relies on an illusion; you rely on someone who steals from you and benefits from your instability,” and ended it with,This is our fight, not theirs.While Abd El-Rahman  Hatem, Member of Opposition, attacked the government’s member by sayingYou kept talking about only USA and Western intervention as if they were the only ones who will interfere in the ISIS crisis. The opposition is asking the Middle East to lead the way as well, but with the help of western intervention to have a global effort to defeat ISIS.

After both debates, the results were announced in C1 by TIQ’s Board of Adjudicators: Ahmed El Kady, Ibrahim Awara, and Nesreen Mamdouh. Orion gained 470 points, while Pegasus gained 790 points, thus winning the 2nd inter-house debate. As for the previous inter-house debate, it was won by Orion. The final event, The Great Debate, will be held on the 24th of April, and already the preliminary rounds have started in order to select the top 8 teams that qualify into the semi-finals and, eventually, The Great Debate.


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