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Friday, 14th December 2018

7 ways to solve the parking problem in the GUC

Posted on 07. Mar, 2015 by in Features


Photo for the Insider : Sayed Hagag

As the streets of cairo get more and more crowded, parking your car can turn into an extremely tedious task. To top things off, this problem has managed to make its way to our very own GUC campus. I know for a fact that if we had better parking facilities, the time I take to get from home to campus would decrease by at least 20 minutes. That’s how much time I waste  waiting in line to get into the parking lot. I would benefit a lot from an extra 20 minutes in the morning and I in fact think we all would.

That is why I decided to think of ways that our university could adopt to develop its parking lot and make our lives much easier. Below are the 7 best solutions I could come up with.


1 – Better transportation services

If the provided transportation system is more convenient to students, then it’d be more used, and that therefore will minimize the number of vehicles in need of parking spaces. To do so, there are two ways: either to invest in more comfortable buses and develop a more flexible arrival and departure timetable, or let other transportation services advertise on campus for free. That is if money won’t be invested in the first solution.

2 – Two-Level parking

Building a second level over the existing parking lot will give us twice as many parking spaces. Also in the future, if needed, more floors can always be built as the number of students increases. Doing so will benefit the students by providing with more parking spaces that are closer to the campus and that are more secure. It will also benefit the university as it makes it easier to manage the parking facilities, compared to providing new parking spaces outside campus.

3 – High GPA students on-campus parking

There is a huge number of parking spots inside campus, like the ones beside the Platform, in front of the Exam Halls, and the ones beside the B-buildings. These parking spots can be reserved for students with the highest GPA’s, as incentives. To apply this, every semester the students with the 3 highest GPA scores in every major should be picked and given a gate pass. These gate passes would allow them to go inside campus with a car, even if they were not the ones driving. That means that even if they were carpooling with other students, then these students will also be allowed in with their car. This solution would motivate students, help strengthen relationships between them, and it will free more spaces in the main parking.

4 – Develop a carpooling application

I don’t need to say that having 200 cars instead of 400 is better. Less cars means more space, and that’s exactly what carpooling would do. It would decrease the demand on parking by at least half. Imagine if 5 people shared a car. That would decrease demand by 4 fifths. The GUC should develop IOS and android applications that are specially made for GUC students. It would be cheap and it will have a great effect.

5 – Opening more gates

If campus parameters are secured, then students could park anywhere without needing to worry about their cars getting stolen, also if students are allowed to get in through all gates around the perimeter then they wouldn’t need to park in the parking lot. That solution won’t cost anything except paying more security guard salaries.

6 – Require students to pay money to park.

As a student, I am not really with this solution. Nobody likes paying more money. For that reason, it would minimize demand on parking and will get the needed money to develop more parking spaces.

7- Lastly, the genius solution.

First a fee for parking should be applied, in order to decrease demand. Then we could develop a carpooling application that would promote carpooling by allowing any car that has more than 1 person to park for free.

Maybe, however, the best solution is a combination of all. There are probably better, more creative and less costly solutions out there. So if you have any, don’t hesitate to share, maybe our collective train of thought would finally catch up to reality!

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