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Friday, 14th December 2018

#tb2014 : One had lost all hope that something would happen in that abandoned U

Posted on 14. Feb, 2015 by in Features

unnamed (1)The GUCian sun sets over a very special and touching occasion on the 10th of December 2014!

For many girls, having a surprise marriage proposal is a dream for which they long, as for 22-Liza Samir, she ought not to dream anymore.

Everybody freezes, even the warmly waving palm leaves… The groom, Mina Fekry shivers and silence haunts the “U” beyond the Ds as SHE climbs up the steps blushing and flooding in tears. Screams all around, cries, cheers, whistles. The crowd couldn’t help but show: they are not as usually captured; they were moved and they cried, they were happy to see others cherish their special moment. Her loving family holds her close, present and proud in a scene as overwhelming as it’s worth remembering…

The proposal was almost there as Fekry grabbed her to their lovely spot….

Down on one knee, he went,unnamed

“will you marry me?” he wept,

a ring out of his pocket, he pulled

and around her finger, he pushed.

Hopefully a YES was what she said…

Nothing could stop the sun from setting, finalizing this unique experience at 17:17, allowing 10s of GUCians to retire and discuss the moment till they were on the bus wondering about their own! Shall we expect to see surprise proposals often on campus? Who would be ready to make the move and start a family? & who shall be the next heroine in the GUCian fairy tale?

Happy Valentine everybody !


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