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Tuesday, 20th November 2018

“Reading Your Academic Calender” For Dummies

Posted on 17. Sep, 2014 by in Features


Newcomer and you’ve just received your academic calendar? -Yes.

Yet,Most of the calendar doesn’t make sense to you? -Yes.

Then, here is your ultimate guide to read your semester calendar. You are really in a need to this article!


Language Tutorials: Lang tut

Language tutorials refers to English and German tutorials. According to the academic calendar, the start of languages tutorials is one week prior to the start of the other tutorials, which means that in your first week at GUC-lecture week- you’ll be only attending lectures and languages tutorials.Starting from the 2nd week you will attend your major-related tutorials.


Switching Groups: Lang tut

Each faculty/study group (engineering, pharmacy, management,..etc ) is divided into smaller groups.

For example :  There are 3 pharmacy groups, and you’re in group 1 and you want to switch to group 3 because there is a school friend there. What shall you do ?

You have to find someone in group 3 willing to exchange with you and be in group 1.

It’s a computerized process.

1- Log in the admin system .

2- Click on ” switching groups”

3-  Write your name, ID number and your partner’s info .

A request will be sent to him/her and once he/she accepts, the schedules get exchanged. You both have to be assigned to the same English and German level even if you want to switch tutorials groups only.

Source : Unknown

Source : Unknown


Dropping and Adding Courses:Lang tut

Dropping a course means postponing it for a while. You get it removed from your current semester schedule and then add it in another semester. Putting into consideration that dropping course in a certain semester doesn’t mean that it’ll be available the next semester. It depends.

When you drop a course you’ll have no refund, on the other hand, you’re allowed to add the dropped courses in the following semester without any charges.

Side note: It is not possible to graduate early by adding courses. You are obliged to spend at least 5 years studying in case of Engineering and Pharmacy students and 4 years in case of Management and BI students


Revision Week: Captureeeree

Newcomers will have a week before midterm and final exams with no teaching activities -no tutorials or lectures-, however English and German midterm and final exams are almost always scheduled in this week.

This week is called a revision week. Revision week is a real chance for you to get prepared for your exams


Online feedback on Courses and Academics: Capturee

When your semester is almost over you’ll be asked to evaluate courses you studied and instructors of this semester. It’s a computerized process via the admin system. You’ll be asked to answer a few MCQs about each course and to leave a comment -if you have one-.

You’ll not able to view your grades until you evaluate your courses and  academics as well.


Deadline for Payment of Winter 2014 Semester Tuition 2nd installment: 2nd installment

An email will be sent to you as a reminder. When you receive it, head to the finance office in B4 and take the payment order.

Just in case you missed the deadline for the first time, you can fill & submit a form explaining  that its the first time for you to miss the deadline so that no late charges would be added.

If you have any financial issues you can divide the payment into two payments. One have to be paid before the deadline and the other can be paid a month later; you can proceed to the finance office, then you fill and submit a form explaining your case.

Example: The payment is 11,000 , you can have it divided into 2 payments  . 5,000 EGP have to be paid before the deadline and the remaining 6.000 EGP could be paid a month from the deadline.

Make Ups Exams: make ups

When you fail one course’s exam(It happens) and you don’t want to repeat the whole course(tutorials+lectures).And You only need to repeat the exam.So,you will apply for a make up exam regarding the failed course.And if you failed the make-up exam and you still don’t want repeat the whole course(tutorials+lectures),you will apply for a 2nd make up exam regarding the failed course. If you fail it again, you will be obliged to repeat the whole course.


Side note: The exact dates for midterms and finals will be confirmed later via email as schedules will be sent.


The Insider GUC family wishes you a great academic year in the GUC.
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