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Friday, 14th December 2018

Why should you read this?!

Posted on 27. May, 2011 by in Editorial

When we selected The Insider name we had two things in mind. First to symbolise credibility, since information taken from an insider is known to be a source of direct and useful guidance. An insider has firsthand, material knowledge and insider information may be thought of as more accurate and valuable than expert opinion, according to Wikipedia.

Second, it all lies in the question: who is The Insider? In fact, The Insider is each and every GUC student, every single one of our more than seven thousand colleagues who spend one-third of each day of their lives in this university. Why read this newspaper? It is an independent newspaper that belongs to the students and cares about them.

In this newspaper, we are committed to neutrality when it comes to reporting news, accuracy when it comes to the details and respect to the readers’ views and opinions, a vow we took on ourselves from the very beginning.

Everybody used to think it should be easy to start something while there are no competitors. That turned out to be far from true! Being the first to create a biweekly newspaper meant that it is us who need to define the standards for all the upcoming student-run journalism in the university, a task that we were determined to do the closest to perfection as possible. Having no competitors to look up to or to learn from the obstacles they faced meant that we needed to try many different things to try avoiding any mistakes before they actually happen.

You, reading this now, means you have given us your time, your attention and most importantly, your trust. Those are very dear things to give. Things that we will always appreciate and promise to never misuse.

The editor-in-chief


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