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Monday, 10th December 2018
Specialists to examine the admission office amid shocking incident

Posted on 30. Oct, 2012 by in News

IMPORTANT: Click here to read released report from the specialists who examined the admission office Earlier this afternoon, an unusual incident took place at the admission office after working hours. An electricity cut along with failure in the generators at 5.30pm earlier today has caused all computers to turn off as well as the air conditioners. […]

“Happy Eid” – or is it “Good Luck In The Midterms”?

Posted on 27. Oct, 2012 by in Features

Eid Holidays have always been associated with many things, generally positive. Visiting family and loved ones, going out and traveling, and playing with “sawareekh”. This year, however, one more thing has associated itself with Eid for GUC students; Midterms. “Annoying”, that’s how Rowan Ashraf, a 3rd Semester Engineering Student, sees it. With midterms being only […]

“500 x Eid”, GUC’ians Spreading Joy Among 500 Families

Posted on 20. Oct, 2012 by in News

“500 fi Eid” aims to spread joy into the lives of 500 families by buying and packing meat to give to them before Eid, in a joint event by Bdaya and AYB, the renowned  GUC clubs and NGOs. “We intend on distributing 700Kg of meat to 500 families, 300 of which are from the worker’s families […]

اتحاد الطلبة يعلن انتهاء مهمته بعد انتهاء الاستفتاء الرسمي على اللائحة بـ”نعم”

Posted on 20. Oct, 2012 by in عربي

مقالات متعلقة: – اليوم الأول للاستفتاء الرسمي حول لائحة اتحاد الطلبة وسط نقاشات حادة وإقبال ضعيف – الطلاب يصوتون بنعم في استفتاء مستقل على لائحة اتحاد الطلبة – حوار: رئيس اتحاد الطلبة الجديد: الانتخابات التي جئنا من خلالها شرعية قام اتحاد طلاب الجامعة الألمانية بتنظيم استفتاء حول لائحة طلابية جديدة على مدار يومين متتاليين، يومي 16 و17 أكتوبر […]

GUC Enrolled Students Midterm Schedule for Winter 2012

Posted on 18. Oct, 2012 by in News

Midterm exams for winter 2012 semester will begin on Saturday, November 3rd, 2012. The one day is divided into 4 slots: First from 8.15 to 10.15am, second from 10.45am to 12.45pm, third from 1.15pm to 3.15pm, and a fourth from 4pm to 6pm. The schedule can be downloaded by clicking on this link, or viewed […]

اليوم الأول للاستفتاء الرسمي حول لائحة اتحاد الطلبة وسط نقاشات حادة وإقبال ضعيف

Posted on 16. Oct, 2012 by in News, عربي

  بدأ صباح اليوم استفتاء اتحاد الطلبة حول اللائحة الطلابية الجديدة – التي صيغت في 2011 ثم أدخل الاتحاد عليها بعض التعديلات – وسط إقبال ضعيف ونقاشات ارتفعت حدتها من وقت لآخر بين منظمي الاستفتاء الحالي ومنظمي الاستفتاء في 22 و23 سبتمبر 2012. يقول عمر الديب، رئيس اتحاد الطلبة: “التعديلات التي أدخلناها بصفة أساسية هي إلغاء […]

Bus complaints continue with the arrival of newcomers looming

Posted on 06. Oct, 2012 by in News

  Continued complaints on the bus service have raised concerns about what would happen with the arrival of newcomers on Sunday, Oct. 7, with a large portion of the 1000+ new students very likely to be using the bus service. The most common complaints have been regarding students not finding free seats and having to […]

Foreign Basketball Coach Dismissed For Unstated Reasons

Posted on 04. Oct, 2012 by in News

The administration refused to keep American coach, David Griffen, coaching the GUC basketball team for unstated reasons, firing him against the wishes of most of the team members. “Coach David agreed to be paid 1,000 pounds a month instead of 10,000 and accepted the condition of receiving no salary for coaching during the month of the […]

GUCians get to have their say in academics: Curriculum Committees

Posted on 03. Oct, 2012 by in News

The Curriculum Committee, whose Facebook page was launched only last week, is a new project aiming to bring students and faculty together, in the hope of improving academic life at the GUC. Sahar Hassan, the Committee’s representative from the Faculty of Pharmacy, informed us that the committee should help improve syllabuses, and facilitate accreditation. Faculty […]