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Monday, 10th December 2018
Food For Thought: More Than Meets The Eye

Posted on 12. May, 2013 by in Columns

I don’t know anyone who’s interesting while they’re asleep. There really isn’t much going on when a person is just laying there. Sure, they may look great. Heck, they may even look angelic. Sound asleep with good looks, a killer shape, and perfect height. But at the end? Well, they’re just a still manikin, boring […]

Poetry Showcase: “Pretend”

Posted on 07. May, 2013 by in Poetry

Pretend, by Engi Hassaan I can pretend that I don’t miss you, that enough time has passed, I can pretend that I’ve moved on now, made peace with the past. I can pretend that I don’t rest my head, and watch you in my sleep, I can pretend that all the memories, are ones that […]


Posted on 31. Mar, 2013 by in Series

Hiding, by Engi Hassaan Lost for words I sit here, rumbling around in my head, For the perfect way to describe, this feeling that I dread. Of wonder and content.. Of ecstatic revelation; Of worry and doubt, and endless agitation. Like the time I lost myself, and found it a bit too late, When I […]


Posted on 03. Mar, 2013 by in Poetry

Shout, by Engi Hassaan Truth hidden in between the lines, So foggy amidst the endless lies. Vultures circling for a prey, Perfected roles in a stalling play. They’re just boys in big men’s chairs, Killing over what isn’t theirs’. To them we’re toys wrapped in a box, Their conscience dies when power talks. But personal […]